Refrigerator Repairs

Refrigerator Repairs


The fridge is the single most-used appliance in your home, taking a central role in everything that happens in the kitchen. Most people don’t have a second refrigerator, so if yours stops cooling appropriately, the choice is often to call a repair person immediately or risk all of your food spoiling.

There are a few areas where we commonly see issues with refrigerators. Sometimes the power will be on but the fridge is no longer cooling as it should. This could be a simple issue: sometimes a thermostat’s contacts will frost over, for example, or the condenser coils will have frozen. It could also be a much deeper issue that requires a significant part to be replaced. If your fridge isn’t getting any power at all, any number of electrical issues could be at play. Refrigerator repairs always need to be expedited, so call us as soon as you notice an issue so we can dispatch a technician immediately.

FREE estimate with repair.We service West Palm, Broward and Miami/Dade.

Some of the major brand we service:

Sub-Zero, Viking, Wolf, GE, Frigidaire

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Specializing in Built-in Refrigerator Repairs

At All Brand Appliances, we specialize in repairing built-in refrigerators. We have over 70 years of combined experience to bring you the knowledge and professionalism you expect when fixing your high-end appliances. Replacing a built-in appliance is very costly, your #1 option should be repair.
Built-in refrigerators are designed to be flush with your cabinets and blend in seamlessly with your kitchen appliances and design. Due to this design, pulling your built-in refrigerator out to repair it can be a daunting task. The techs at All Brand Appliances are used to these types of repairs and can get your built-in back up and running in no time.

Most built-in refrigerators are more high end than the traditional refrigerators you see in homes. Because of their cost many homeowners assume that they’ll never break down and when they do, they have no idea where to turn.  You need a company you can trust.  When you need built-in refrigerator repair you want a repairman that specializes in your make and model. That’s when you need to call All Brand Appliances.

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Freezer Repairs

Freezers are one of the most reliable and longest-lasting appliances available. It isn’t uncommon for a deep freezer to run for years without experiencing any problems at all. When problems do occur, though, they can have severe consequences for their contents.

The most obvious problem is when the freezer either stops working completely or stops cooling effectively. These issues are often preceded by smaller symptoms, such as ice buildup inside the freezer, strange noises, or small amounts of water that appear on the floor. Freezers are not complicated machines, but accomplishing repairs correctly and safely requires both skill and experience, as well as specialized tools and equipment. Our factory-certified technicians have extensive experience with all kinds of freezers, from dual fridge/freezer appliances all the way up to walk-in commercial units. No appliance is too large or too small for us to handle.

 We provide warranty on all of our labor and will ensure you know what the manufacturer’s warranty is for any parts we install.

Wine Cooler & Wine Refrigerator Repair

Keep Your Wine at the Perfect Temperature

Wine coolers, also referred to as wine refrigerators, chill wine to optimum storage and serving temperatures. They come in various storage capacities, and keep wine between 45 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of wine. By maintaining ideal temperature and humidity conditions for wine storage, wine refrigerators are great for connoisseurs who don’t have access to a wine cellar.

A broken or poorly functioning wine refrigerator can make for a lackluster wine-drinking experience. Get your wine cooler repaired fast so you can get back to entertaining! All Brand Appliances offers top-notch wine refrigerator repair.

Our team of technicians can repair a comprehensive range of wine refrigerators:

  • Compressor-Based
  • Thermoelectric
  • Single Zone
  • Dual Zone
  • Built-In

If you run into any of the following issues, or another problem, call us:

  • The cooler won’t turn on.This could be due to a variety of reasons. Make sure you check for faulty fuses, tripped breakers, and loosened power cords.
  • The wine cooler isn’t cooling.Depending on the model, this could be due to thermostat problems, condenser or compressor issues, or evaporator fan motor damage.
  • The cooler is leaking water.Compressor models may leak water if the door has been left open, door seals are defective or dirty, or a drain hose is plugged.
  • The wine cooler is making noise.Some popping and cracking is normal due to temperature changes. If there are vibrating noises, make sure the cooler is level. If grinding or squealing, call for service.
  • The door does not close properly.Ensure that the surface is level. If it is and the problem persists, check for dirty door gaskets or improperly positioned shelves.